Gold Bali Kratom Powder

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Calming & Relaxing. Let go of the stress!

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Gold Bali Kratom Powder

Gold Bali kratom is a relatively new trend/type of kratom on the market. There is not a gold vein kratom leaf, the gold/yellowish hue is a byproduct of the fermentation process the leafs go through. This strain is very popular among folks that have anxiety. It is excellent for mood enhancement.

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NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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38 reviews for Gold Bali Kratom Powder

  1. MAry

    Worked pretty well for my anxiety! I found it slightly energizing, good for my lower back pain, and it tasted awful! But it works!

  2. Al

    For me this strain was fairly energizing and pretty good for my pain but I had more success with some of the red veins from this vendor. The quality from this vendor is really quite excellent.

  3. pdqck69


  4. Mark Benson

    Whenever I add Gold Bali to another strain I feel like the strain insantly becomes stronger. Freaking awesome!!

  5. Danny Sparacino

    Always fresh and potent. Best Gold Bali around hands down!

  6. Topher Rivers

    I smoke a lot of bud and so far all of the strains I have tried seem like they are ruining the effects I get from marijuana. Then I found Gold Bali and man oh man this compliments bud like peanut butter goes with Jelly. Surreal stuff

  7. Rick Thameson

    I received a bag and when I weighed it it weighed 250 grams with the bag included. That means there are less than 250 grams of powder in the bag. Nice rip off!

  8. Drake Gunfrey

    I am a pretty pent up person, very high strung. All my friends think I have ADHD and I never stop talking. Once I discovered Kratom it has been an adventure ever since. I have had so many different effects and it is pretty wild. Gold Bali was one of the last ones I tried and I am glad I saved the best for last. This strain is unlike any other one because I always feel relaxed after taking it. I also love that it puts me in a happy mood.

  9. Jack Huddleson

    This strain was not included in the sample pack I bought when I first ordered from this company. I decided to go out of my way and order some, very disappointing. I had to take more than usual and the effects were, for lack of a better term, weird.

  10. Diamond Winters

    Gentle strain to take whenever you are looking for a break from the others. It really changes your tolerance when you switch things up once in a while. I change strains every 3 months.

  11. Mandy Vanderbelt

    Great balance of euphoria and relaxation but it is not overwhelming

  12. Corrine Portia

    I feel as though I find myself needing to take more and more as the months go on. Any recomendations on combatting this?

  13. Wanda Zits

    Pleasant strain to take after you get home from work. Very relaxing and euphoric. One gram is all I need which is convienent.

  14. Maxwell Summerfelt

    Gold Bali is just what you need if you are looking for a mood boost and maybe even to get a little spacey if you take enough. Life can be extremely stressful and it is nice to know there is something available for the working class that is natural and not tested for.

  15. Catherine Small

    Had to call customer service because I was having issues using the website to place an order ( I was using my phone). They placed an order for me and even informed me how to get around the issues I was having. Very helpful!

  16. Sarah Raider

    I have been taking Kratom for a long time, started off buying it from gas staions and it progressed. Recently I discovered you guys and was super excited to see a legit company dedicated to this plant. I bought a kilo figuring it would save me money and it had to be better than the smoke shop. I tried your Kratom once and will never touch it again. Huge headache and it made me sick to my stomach. It was a horrible experince that lasted a few hours. I missed a date and had trouble sleeping. Pissed me off beyond belief. I would like to talk to somebody about this.

  17. Michele Johnson

    No need to push me, or to touch me, I have my satisfaction 😉 5/5

  18. Tristin C

    This is a decent strain, but not as strong as some of the others I have tried such as Red Maeng Da.

  19. Georgia Thurman

    Good for winding down and if you are in a foul mood this could help. Helps me. Just wish the capsules were cheaper so I can stop buying powder. My hands are too shaky to fill cpsules myself.

  20. Joe Mosbar

    I am loyal to this company through and through. Do you have any stickers to send a big supporter??

  21. Patrick Tyler

    After taking Gold Bali for quite some time I have noticed that the batches change in intensity. Is that to be expected?

  22. Darren Dawson

    Six grams deep and I feel nothing, just a nasty aftertaste. Weak….

  23. Veronica Crest

    Every morning I take 3 grams and it makes the day feel pleasant almost every day. I was not this upbeat of person until I came olng this strain. The white strains were working for a while but they gave me too much energy that I did not know what to do with throughout the day. I am also addicted to energy drinks so the whites were way too intense on top of that and I am not willing to give them up haha. Gold Bali compliments the drinks in my opinion. I only drink citrusy ones so it pairs very well.

  24. Max

    Not as strong as the Yellow Maeng Da, I feel like this is close but Yellow Maeng Da provides more energy. If you mix the 2 the effects are interesting.

  25. Lyle Princeton

    The effects do not seem to last as long as some of the others I have tried which is lame because that would make this the best strain period.

  26. Jillian Rohleder

    Very heavy powder, when you take your doses just by the size of the mound on the spoon you gotta watch out. Now I weigh my doses out haha. Otherwise I am always satisfied and keep coming back for more!

  27. Grant Skillman

    Gold Bali was the first strain I tried and even though I progressed away from taking this strain consistently it will always be my favorite strain.

  28. Gerald Thomas Jones

    Most of my life I have been adventerous and have done a good amount of damage to my body. For the last few years I have been getting worse and feeling my age catch up to me. I startedreading articles and looking at websites online looking for some sort of relief. Never did I think it would lead to Kratom which would make me feel at least 10 years younger. It has been an absolute blessing and I appreciate having this readily available.

  29. Chad Pluto

    Makes you feel amazing, very warm and chill. Great for social situations or after a long day at the office.

  30. Lyra Wickersham

    I feel like I have found the king of all strains. The strain to conquer all others! Makes me feel light and happy. Very enjoyable and can be used consistently.

  31. Shanice Williams

    Never felt such a signifigant change in my mood before! I am not one for taking supplements or really ingesting anything other than food but my homegirl turned me onto kratom. I actually got the chance to introduce her to this strain which she had not heard of before. Now we are both adding this to our favorites list! I cannot tell you guys how appreciative I am to have found you guys and I never worry about what I am eating/drinking.

  32. Sharon

    Package arrived damaged and the powder didn’t even seem good to begin with

  33. Neil Pheasant

    I have never had better Kratom but the prices are not competative as advertised. I see better prices from other companies.

  34. Brooke Manson

    If you like to be loose and just feel overall warm and good this is excatly what you are looking for. I always take a few grams before I go out and it makes interactions smooth and I feel almost courageous. I do recomend not taking Kratom all the time unless you are ok with switching strains or tolerance breaks just ike with anything else really.

  35. Cienna Thomas

    Makes a very beautiful looking tea that has almost a sweet flavour. If you throw in a bag of chamomile along with it brews a very strong, effective tea.

  36. Zahara

    Took two teaspoons or so before bed and it kept me awake most of the night. Not what I was expecting and it affected my time at work the next day.

  37. Luke McFadden

    Does anyone have any ideas on masking the taste of the powder? Feel free to reach out to me.

  38. McKenna Norman

    Pairs great with an intense session of yoga!

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