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Green Maeng Da in all its wonder.

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Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

‘Going Green’ Isn’t just About Climate Change Anymore…

For centuries kratom has been used across Southeast Asia as a natural plant with properties purported to improve well-being, reduce pain, enhance mood, aid with relaxation, energize and more.

Within the last decade, kratom has made its way into Western cultures, with millions of users across the USA and W. Europe joining the ranks of those already in the know.

Among the strains growing in popularity is Green Maeng Da Kratom, a blend that is both potent and versatile, making it a favorite among newcomers and regular users alike.

In this guide, we explore Green Maeng Da, from a throwback tour of its origins, to what makes it so popular among kratom aficionados today.

Green Maeng Da Powder: an origin story

You may have noticed that some kratom strains have their place of origin right in the name. The same cannot be said of Maeng Da strains. As with all varieties of Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da hails from the humid, dense jungle regions of Southeast Asia, primarily Thailand.

However, one mustn’t presume that this variety is anything like its cousins. Of all the kratom strains, those in the Maeng Da family boast the most potent effects, Green included.

In fact, in the traditional Thai language, the name itself translates loosely to ‘pimp grade’, indicating its strength potency. 

Green Maeng Da Powder: Cultivation

The way this strain is farmed is arguably the most important factor influencing its unique properties, including the alkaloid profile and concentration.

Often raised on generational farms, the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is carefully and meticulously cared for and raised to become a thriving healthy tree, producing the leaves from which kratom will be made.

What makes the green variety so unique is WHEN these leaves are harvested. Unlike red strains harvested later in the tree’s maturation cycle, and white veins, harvested early in the maturation cycle, green strains are harvested right in the middle.

After the initial growth spurt, but before maturation, green-veined Maeng Da leaves are harvested when the veins are still green. At this stage, the leaves possess a well-balanced blend of 7-hydroxymitragynine and Mitragynine, offering what is said to be an experience that is both mildly relaxing as well as moderately energizing.

Green Maeng Da Powder: Effects

Green veins of kratom are well-known for their versatile and well-balanced effects. For some, white is TOO energizing, causing jitteriness and anxiety. While others feel like red puts them in ‘couch lock’ and makes them TOO relaxed and tired.

Enter, Green-veined kratom. Green kratom is made from leaves harvested at a time when the alkaloid profile and concentration is balanced and mellow, melding together the best effects of both red and white veins into a hybrid of sorts.

Because of this, many users love green varieties of kratom for long workdays, social occasions, and other situations where they need to stay focused, motivated, mildly energized, yet cool, calm and relaxed.

As it relates to the Maeng Da strain of green kratom, this powder is notably potent and stronger than other veins of the plant. As such, Green Meng Da is often a better fit for experienced users vs. novices, with a little going a long way.

Benefits of Green Maeng Da: According to users

  • Uplifted spirit
  • Improved mood
  • Better focus
  • Creativity
  • Relaxation and a sense of calm
  • Reduced perception of pain

Green Maeng Da: Doses

Like all kratom, the effects of this strain are dose-dependent. This means that different doses will produce varying effects if consumed. 

Generally speaking, both consumer feedback as well as pharmacologic data from scientific studies indicate that larger doses of 4-5+ grams will result in an increasingly sedative and relaxing effect, whereas smaller doses of 1-3 grams will result in a mild to moderate stimulating effect.

To date, there is no clinically standardized dose of kratom advisable to achieve desired effects. This leaves it up to consumers to experiment on their own until they find the right dose for their needs and unique body chemistry.

Given the potency of the Maeng Da strain, those that wish to consume kratom for wellness would be wise to start small.

Green Maeng Da – a balanced strain that has a lot to offer

Growing in popularity, this strain of kratom boasts a unique and balanced alkaloid profile purported to produce strong, yet not overwhelming results.

Kratom enthusiasts often cite the ability of this powder to produce a mellow but potent combination of the best aspects of red and white strains all in one.

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Why Choose The Kratom Connection for Green Maeng Da Powder?

Since inception, The Kratom Connection has worked hard to bring high-quality kratom to the masses. Working directly with generational farmers in Southeastern Asia, we ensure our kratom is both pure and potent.

Employing independent third-party testing, we go the extra mile, making sure you get exactly what’s on the label and nothing else.


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37 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Sherry

    I really enjoyed this strain. It had a great mix of energy and yet a calming, relaxing feeling that I absolutely loved. Definitely one of the more potent strains I have had from your site.

  2. alaskaraventrax

    This plant medicine provides lasting relief for chronic conditions. The aromatherapy is recommended by this reviewer as an alternative to the toxic effects of western modalities. Used in a conservative manner and with research into the individual’s sensitivities it is useful in management of pain.

  3. Joel

    This is the best green maeng da I have ever had. Very helpful for my lower back pain and gives me great energy without the jitteryness.

  4. Brendon Rundell

    Love this stuff especially for it’s ethnobotanical studies and super for aromatherapy : 0

  5. Shale

    Top notch greeen maeng da!

  6. Chad

    First of all I never write reviews. But I must tell you that you won’t find better quality anywhere else. MMM site doesn’t even compare. This green will make you feel great. Long lasting, great energy boost and euphoric effects.

  7. Jules

    Love this strain. I get relief from chronic pain and the blues. It is very well-rounded. The staff is extremely pleasant and easy to deal with, their knowledge of their products is most helpful. I suggest Green MD for your aromatherapy.

  8. Justin


  9. Marianee

    Happy strain 🙂 Makes me focused and happy! The customer service with these guys is really the best you can find. Outstanding people.

  10. Todd Vandermolen

    This is great strain of Maeng da, I’ve tried several venders and this is one of the top. You wont be disappointed.

  11. Barryandbettypeade

    This is my most favorite strain. Customer service here is the best. The product is fresh. Kratom connection hands down is my personal vendor. I will not buy anywhere else.

  12. Joseph Hoydilla

    Andrew is excellent on so many levels. He is always quick to get a hold of. He will call you back within 10 minutes even on the weekends. His kratom o s excellent quality. He”s a real mie person.

  13. Tiffany Castle


  14. saraholson417

    Thanks! Happy, energetic pain relief! And….Andrew rocks!

  15. Stacey Brown

    I love it

  16. jameslebowski

    Good Stuff

  17. Deronda Howell

    Works great for arthritis

  18. sarahkmg1994

    Amazing. Very good quality, calming, energy, pain relief. And it shipped extremely fast. And I was always emailed back quickly if I had questions. Will definitely be ordering more!!! Thank you!

  19. ttkolb

    Good price, great product, good service

  20. jollymon1954

    I’ve been a customer of kc for two months and as a novice, after having started using kratom four months ago, I was pleased to find Green Maeng Da was best suited for my needs. After visiting several sites and comparing strains, I find Kratom Connection to be the most courteous and their Green Maeng Da to be the best. This strain provides me with back pain relief and feeling alert with plenty of energy.

  21. Beneva Mcfarland

    Gets my day going and provides pain relief for 6 hours

  22. chiclet1956

    Besides having the BEST product around, the customer service is impeccable! Andrew without a doubt is the nicest, most efficient, representative of this company;) Thank you Andrew «♡♡»

    Kratom Warriors, help keep it legal!

  23. Timothy Schoenbanger

    Cant believe how much this has changed my life. I used to hate my job and my coworkers, mainly because i was unhappy and in pain alot. This stuff helps with all of my issues. Im happier, im hurting less and i can actually tolerate my coworkers. I have noticed a bit of a dependency issue tho, if i realize i forgot my daily spoonful, i notice a huge difference, not in a good way. But overall i feel it is better than pills and it is natural so thats always good.

  24. Hannah

    this is by far the BEST kratom ive ever had #)

  25. Jason Prosser

    I was tired all the time until I found my little miracle powder (That is my nickname for it). Funny how this stuff is just a leaf, tastes like one too. Thank you guys for a great product.

  26. dominic Christophersen

    My package arrived damaged and a week later than it was supposed to. It took 4 phone calls to finally get ahold of someone but they replaced the product free of charge. I just dont like having to call 4 times to get ahold of someone. They said they only have 2 people answering phones and that they return them in the order received but if a customer has an issue that should be their first priority in my opinion. The kratom was very strong and i was satisfied with the overall effects

  27. Mary-Mae Sutton

    Got some kratom for my mother and she told me that she was quitting her pain medications. It has been 2 months without one complaint from my mom, we live together so I would be aware if she was uncomfortable. I wanted to make it known that I support you guys and hope something this helpful stays forever available for everyone who needs it.

  28. Sasha Yopriki

    The powder is the way to go. Digests quicker, stronger effects, and I can just mix it into a drink which makes it easy. I will grab some crystal light and my kratom dose, mix it in a baggie and bring that with me to work. Totally works wonders.

  29. Penny C

    Always happy with the product and i keep coming back to the kratom connection because of the above and beyond attitudes of the staff. everyone is so personable and helpful. The green maeng da is my personal favorite. it helps with my energy levels, and my focus seems improved as well. i love the euphoric waves! <3 <3 thanks guys.

  30. Damien Foster

    Awesome stuff. This is the first company I ordered from and I keep coming back after trying multiple sources. Thank you guys for keeping it real.

  31. Hank Jansen

    I bought green maeng da from my local smoke shop and it was the worst thing ever. My neighbor introduced me to the kratom connection and i was blown away at how fresh and green the powder was. the stuff i got from the store was almost brown. yuck. Very glad i found you guys because i almost quit taking kratom due to terrible local selection. Youve saved me from getting back on pills. Thanks you so much!

  32. Brenda Sipes

    GMD is my favorite strain by far because it lets me feel normal again. Lately things have been rough for me and this has helped me stay focused and my knees no longer bother me to the point of restlessness. To anyone who reads this: If you make a smoothie out of it I swear you will thank me later 🙂 !!

  33. Dick Summerson

    Kratom is not as well known as some other natural dietary supplements but these guys sure know their stuff. The Green Maeng Da has always been my favorite, and due to my adventurous nature I have aches and pains that this helps me with. My old age hasn’t stopped me yet and this will surely keep me going for years to come. Thank you Kratom!!!!!

  34. Jenessica Friedmont

    Sunny and Joe are the two i talk to the most and they are both very great customer service reps. I always feel like they are happy to help and provide useful advice. The best kratom I have found, coupled with terrific customer service! Not going anywhere else for my kratom ever again!

  35. Douglas

    I tried the green maeng da from this company about a year ago and it was vibrant and bright. this time the color was much less green and fresh looking. I did notice it took a tiny bit more than usual to get the expected effects. When i emailed them and asked why the customer service was great. they explained that the freshness varies but the effects should remain consistent. Would recommend this strain for happiness and energy.

  36. Karen Flemming

    Been taking kratom from my local smoke shop for a long time and decided to expand my reach and order online, i didnt feel anything at first so i took more and got sick to my stomach. it was super strong i just was impatient. I can assure you that is the worst i have ever felt while puking. terrible taste going down and even worse coming up. After the experience I realized that this Kratom is just stronger but that is something that should be posted on the site.

  37. natasha adams

    The website rejected my credit card and blacklisted me, but the guys called me right away and squared everything away. Got my order placed and they even had it here in two days! Once received i enjoyed the pretty, shiny packaging, and the kratom was very good quality. Seemed fresh.

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