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Red Maeng Da Kratom 

A Potent and Effective herb renowned for its many benefits

Hailing from the jungles of Thailand comes Red Maeng Da Kratom, a strain of kratom notable for its potency, aroma and effects.

For these reasons, Red Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains of kratom on the market, with millions of individuals worldwide enjoying the plant and powder. Be it in capsule or powder form, Red Maeng Da has a lot to offer.

Where is Red Maeng Da Grown?

This strain of kratom comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees grown throughout Southeast Asia, with this particular strain coming from trees mostly found throughout Thailand. Thailand’s unique weather patterns, heat, humidity and jungle soil all contribute to the development of trees producing a unique concentration of naturally occurring alkaloids. These alkaloids are thought to be the major compounds responsible for the plant’s effects when consumed.

How is Red Maeng Da Cultivated?

Mitragyna Trees require a constant watchful eye, with local farmers possessing knowledge passed down through generations. This experience, combined with good old fashioned hard work, results in a crop of healthy plants that produce a consistent crop of leaves from which kratom is eventually made.

How are the Leaves Harvested?

Similar to growing the tree itself, harvesting the leaves is a process that blends experience, art and science. The leaves used to make Red Maeng Da Kratom are large and wide, coming to a point at its narrowest tip. The leaves harvested to make this particular strain or ‘vein’, are carefully monitored and hand-selected for health and quality.

Each leaf will have red ‘veins’ on its underside, hence the name ‘red vein kratom’. This color is indicative of both the maturity of the leaf, as well as the unique combination and concentration of alkaloids present.

The red-veined leaves needed for Red Maeng Da kratom are usually harvested during the tree’s initial growth spurt, brought on by heavy rains following the dry season.

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What Makes Red Maeng Da Kratom so Potent? 

Although the leaves from which this strain of kratom is made contain several dozen alkaloids, it is two that are especially potent and present in higher concentrations in this red-veined variety.

During the dry season, the Mitragyna Speciosa tree slows its growth cycle. This results in alkaloids building up and increasing in concentration. When the rainy season (growth season) comes, these alkaloids are deposited in the leaves, initially presenting with an increased redness in the veins of these leaves.


One such alkaloid, thought to be responsible for the majority of the strain’s effects, is Mitragynine. Overall, this alkaloid represents around 66% of the plant’s total alkaloid concentration.

Other Alkaloids Commonly Present in Red Maeng Da

Speciogynine – The third most abundant alkaloid overall, this compound has demonstrated potential as a muscle relaxant in scientific literature.

Speciociliatine – Shown in scientific literature to act as an opioid agonist, this alkaloid is present in only small amounts ranging between 0.8-1%.

Paynantheine – Has shown promise in studies as a potential smooth muscle relaxer, and is present in concentrations ranging between 8.5-9% of total alkaloids, making it the second-highest concentrated alkaloid in the profile.

Trace Alkaloids: other alkaloids present, albeit in smaller concentrations and arguably producing much lower effects are (C9) methoxy-oxindoles,  aj ajmalicine, traces of, and traces of other indoles.

What Are the Effects of Red Maeng Da Kratom? 

The effects of Red Maeng Da, as with any other kratom strain, are dose and user-dependent. This is a particularly strong strain, with moderate to higher doses said to elicit a relaxed, sedative state.

Users who consume low doses of the strain often report an energizing effect. In fact, kratom was first used to increase energy, improve mood, and keep workers motivated in the hot summer fields of Southeast Asia.

Other Reported Effects By Users Include:

  • Uplifted mood and spirit
  • Better perceived outlook on the day and life
  • Deep relaxation and reduction of stress
  • Improved focus and motivation

Similar Strains

Strains from the same vein (although different regions and growing conditions) that have similar but unique effects of their own include:

  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Hulu
  • Red Bentuangie

Two Other Strains NOT of the Red-Veined Variety that Red Kratom Users Often Enjoy for Their Similar Alkaloid Profiles (but in differing concentrations) Include:

  • Green Maeng Da Capsules
  • White Maeng Da Capsules
white borneo kratom capsules

Why The Kratom Connection? 

Although kratom has long been a staple herb in Southeastern Asia, used for generations as a natural botanical for both energy and relaxation as well as stress relief, it is a relative newcomer to Western nations.

With most businesses selling kratom being small mom and pop operations, little is often employed in the way of quality assurance and third-party testing to ensure quality, safety and potency.

At the Kratom Connection, we work directly with farmers, controlling the product quality from cultivation and harvesting, direct to your doorstep. As a leader in the kratom industry, we set the standard for quality products exceptionally high, utilizing third-party lab testing to ensure each product on our shelves not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.


NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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33 reviews for Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Michael

    Really strong but smooth product and with that price, it’s great value.

  2. John Smith

    Very legit. I wasn’t sure about these guys as they seem new and couldn’t find a lot about em online but this maeng da was great and I tried a couple others and was pleasantly surprised…

  3. Tati

    A friend of mine told about this site and I picked up the sample pack (red vein maeng da, yellow vietnam, and red horn). Excellent!!! Loved all of the strains and especially the maeng da.

  4. Jay

    WOW! I highly recommend this strain.

  5. Ty L

    Mmmm.. Yes sir, good stuff.

  6. Joyce

    Quick delivery. Decent price. Great quality.

  7. Bill

    I don’t see what all the hype is with red vein maeng da. I actually think the red vein borneo from this site is stronger. This strain was good but not out of this world amazing.

  8. Sally

    I am not usually much for maeng da’s, I feel like they have been over hyped and marketed to death but this strain was long lasting and potent. Great for a night at home with a glass of red wine! I placed my order on a Tuesday and it arrived that Friday so shipping was fairly quick. The price is a little higher than what I am used to paying but still reasonable.

  9. Omar

    This red maeng da is great! Thank you the Kratom Connection :).

  10. stan_williams_98

    Absolutely fantastic. Traveled to Hawaii recently and picked up some Kratom from a local retail outlet and wasn’t even close in quality. Very happy with this purchase. New to Kratom but I do not understand the negative publicity at all. I will keep coming back. Price is great, quality is great, shipping flawless. I’ve looked around but don’t really see any competition. Thank you KC!!!

  11. Donna

    Took two grams and liked the Red Maeng a lot. It was a full 45 minutes before the medicine started to work. That’s different from the other strains I’ve tried so far. I’m starting to not be able to differentiate between strains because the effects have been very similar. Hasn’t done a lot for physical pain but emotionally I feel great! Definitely an energizer, not frenetic just calm, steady, and happily gettin’ stuff accomplished for the day. Lasted a good four hours.

  12. guefuzzy

    Bought some Red Vein Maeng Da back in mid Dec 2017. Its great! I had onky 2 grams and could feel the effects within 15 minutes on an empty stomach!!

    I took this instead of my normal opioid dose (mid day dose) and it worked brilliantly. It lasted a good 5 hours or so and I was able to save some meds.! Thank you!! Namaste

  13. Vonnita Collins

    works great

  14. misskittysage140

    The Kratom Connection is the 3rd vendor I’ve tried thus far. I’m new to kratom and need a substitute for the morphine I take for a lower back injury. I took 1 heaping tsp. of the Red Vein Maeng Da with grapefruit juice on a somewhat empty stomach. I feel very mellow and not alot of energy. No pain though and No sweats! It is the later part of the afternoon and I received the product in 2 days in the regular mail and was very anxious to try it. I am impressed with the speed of delivery, price and seems very decent for pain.

  15. Joy A Heinen

    Works well. Has helped me tremendously!

  16. jillythursday

    Very fast shipping and the red maeng da is great. Helps so much with my arthritis and fibromyalgia pain. Fantastic place to purchase kratom from.

  17. David Box

    good energy.. helps reduce pain

  18. Nancy Klump

    It’s great as hell

  19. Agnes Anderson

    This is my third time ordering from this site. I’ve tried other places, and sometimes i ran into inconsistences with their product. However, I have never had that problem with this store. The Red Maeg Da is long lasting and relaxing. I suffer from anxiety, and with this on board, that’s a problem of the past. Also, the staff here is professional, friendly and helpful. This my new go-to store.

  20. Leland R

    Great company! The quality is amazing and fast shipping! If you’re not sure about this vendor then I can promise you won’t be disappointed! The red MD is superior!

  21. Ronda McCormick

    I ordered before and received it sooner than expected

  22. Tom Eggleston

    Much more expensive than what I’ve been paying but it;s worth it. The quality is top notch! I can’t believe how much more potent the Red Maeng Da from Kratom Connection is. Very fresh, very strong.

  23. coffeekingms

    I’ve been taking the kratom I get at my local head shop and while it’s good and cheap, their capsules only hold aprox 500mg of powder. Since maeng da needs around 2 grams before effects are felt, three times a day for 4 capsules is 12, and they only sell a max size of 150 capsules. With TKC I get 100 grams, aprox 100 1g capsules which is nearly twice the head shop’s kratom. I ordered the capsules not the powder, but if you’re new to kratom either one, capsules or powder, work the same.

  24. Scotty

    This strain is a nice fallback for me from the Green Mayla which is my favorite supplement. TKC has been such a helpful group for me.

  25. Lois Edging

    This stuff is amazing stops the pain without the dead head feeling.

  26. L&K Emory

    Loved working with these guys. They are so accurate, reasonable and quick. We always deal with them. We give them an absolute five stars!

  27. Michelle Primant

    Helped with my pain and didnt put me to sleep but i did feel relaxed. The powder arrived in a sealed bag, and seemed extremely fresh. Very satisfied with my purchase!!

  28. Bill Masterson

    Helped me ween myself off of opiates. Extremely grateful for this product and for the awesome customer service. They were able to help me decide what strain would be most beneficial. Would recommend to anyone that needs something for pain and to wind down. Thanks guys!

  29. Janey Sheller

    I paid for some kratom and it arrived less than 48 hours after my purchase. I was amazed how fast they shipped my product. If you want excellent quality in a hurry I highly recommend this company! They really take care of their customers

  30. Fly

    Been using the Kratom Connection for the past 8 months and I am impressed how consistent their product is and how fast I receive my packages. i can basically predict when it will be here everytime. I never run out and the quality is always excellent, wont be buying from anyone else!

  31. Archie Manuel

    First time trying the red maeng da. Been a long time user of the Green maeng da and thought i would try the red. I really enjoy it at the end of a long day when i need to mellow down, it provides me a decent amount of pain relief but not lethargic. I really like that. It will be a new evening strain for me. Thanks for the great product!

  32. allen wolfe

    Been using the capsules for awhile now, but due to financial limitations I have had to switch to powder in an effort to save a little money. Noticing that it kicks in alot sooner and seems like a more even dosing style. The capsules kind of hit you in waves, this is more consistent. A bit bitter but i was prepared for that, The gentlemen answering the phone was very knowledgeable. Helps my anxiety and lower back pain!

  33. Phillip Blackburn

    Thought this strain would help me sleep since the reds are usually sedating. I found that I did not get the sedating effects I expected. but I did enjoy the relief and calmness that I felt. it’s a great product, just do your research to make sure you’re getting the desired effects. I am going to be continuing the use of this strain for the evening time when I don’t desire to be tired.

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