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Kratom San Diego

Kratom San Diego (Local Vendor)

UPDATE 5.3.17: We have discontinued local pickup however we WILL ship to you in San Diego. Just place your order online. Fast 2 day priority mail shipping. All orders ship SAME day.

The city of San Diego (and the North Park neighborhood) has been the home of our online business, The Kratom Connection, for the last 9 years and this city has certainly treated us well! California and its people are generally known to have a very open attitude towards herbal remedies, the weather is fantastic and Mexico is a short drive away which has always been one of our favorite things about this city. Unfortunately, the legality of kratom in San Diego and the United States is under attack both at a local level and national level. A desire to ban kratom is driven by the pharmaceutical industry which is the largest industry in Washington lobbying to keep peddling their pills all across the country and eliminate any threats to this thriving and profitable industry. Local legislative bodies in several states and municipalities have banned kratom largely due to ignorance and its unfair association with synthetic legal highs which are in reality drastically different than kratom.

Fortunately for those looking to buy kratom in San Diego, you still have a few options available to you.

Head Shop Kratom San Diego: Not Your Best Option

In San Diego, there seems to be a smoke shop on every street corner and virtually all of them carry kratom. Prices typically range from $20 per ounce – $30 per ounce and the most well known brands in town are OPMS and Experience (which just went out of business by the way, the war on kratom continues!). Online kratom prices are much better than your average smoke shop and it makes sense when you consider all of the extra parties involved in your kratom transaction at a head shop not to mention the building’s rent, labor, inventory costs, etc. However, you can’t argue with the convenience factor that it has. Pop in pop out and you have your kratom.

Order Online & Pick Up Your Kratom In North Park San Diego

Well today I wanted to let the people of San Diego know they can buy kratom San Diego from The Kratom Connection and pick it up locally! We are centrally located in North Park. Simply place your order and mention in the order notes that you would like to pick it up in person. We will reach out via e-mail and coordinate a time for you to come by. Quit wasting your hard earned money on mediocre and expensive smoke shop kratom and check out our selection of high quality kratom powders & kratom capsules. Our prices and quality of kratom are significantly better than anything you will find locally in San Diego. 

STEP 1: Place order online OR e-mail your order to orders(at)

STEP 2: State local pickup in the order notes. (We are in North Park)

STEP 3: We will e-mail you when you may pick up your kratom.