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Our Green Borneo kratom powder is grown in a forest in West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. Green Borneo kratom has been traditionally used by the local populace for mild stimulation and moderate to strong pain relief. Our kratom comes from a family of kratom farmers that have been growing and cultivating kratom for decades. They take care to use the best water available and allow their plants to mature before picking the leaves, resulting in a high quality, high alkaloid strain. Be sure to try this strain’s siblings, red borneo and white borneo.

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NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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26 reviews for Green Borneo Kratom Powder

  1. Joseph Schwab

    Compared to the other green strains I have tried this one is intense. If you are not looking for a mood boost then this is not for you. Improves my mood greatly. Great for when you are going out somehere or you are not having the best day.

  2. Leslie Buggs

    I looked at the shipping address and I am close to where you guys send deliveries out. Is there any way I can pick up in person to save time and money?

  3. Victoria Fallcheck

    I take 3 grams every morning before my workout, makes you feel great! I have even started jogging a little longer than usual and feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I am 40 going on 20!!

  4. MaryAnn Thompson

    4 years ago I discovered Kratom at a smoke shop by my house. Nobody I knew had taken the stuff and it was completely new in my circle. I decided to give it a try after some reading online and it turned out to be a fantastic decision. Nowe I am always feeling great and I am not worried about what I am eating. I stopped going to the smoke shop after I found this company…also a great decision. I have to admit the smoke shop is cheaper, but you cannot buy peace of mind. If I am ever interested in how a batch of Kratom has tested I can just ask to see the most recent results.

  5. Harold O’Keefe

    Very weak compared to anything else I have encountered. I tried multiple doses ranging from 2-4 grams.

  6. Troy Fletcher

    I have been working the night shift for the past few months and it was taking a huge toll on my body until I found Green Borneo. Now I feel amazing and it even gives me a nice boost to get me through the night. All my coworkers have even noticed I have stopped drinking caffeine because it is unneccessary.

  7. Zendaya Fischer

    I found a hole in the side of my bag when it arrived. Did not see any damage on the outside of the package so it seems like this damage occured before the product was shipped. Am I allowed to use this powder or could it be contaminated?

  8. Sunny Frederick

    took this strain before I went to an edm show. It was pretty intense and made me feel really good. I was so loose and energized, made the night more enjoyable than it would have been.

  9. Remy Pradesh

    Focus! Absolute hyperfocus and relief. Perfect for working from home. I am rarely distracted and feel like I have been completing projects left and right. Amazing natural lift that lasts quite a while. Longer than its cousin coffee.

  10. Mary Thurber

    Gorgeous green color and the texture is very smooth. The powder feels so good to run your hands through.

  11. Cheyenne Wilder

    Never felt so energized and ready to tackle the day. After having my third child my energy went out the window never to be found again so I thought. Now I am playing hode and seek and the house is always clean. It sure has been a nice change and I hope to see this trend continue indefinitly.

  12. Matthew Schiller

    Came back from spring break to see some Green Borneo capsules on my brothers nightstand. I gave him a call and we talked about why he uses it. Ever since that discussion I have been taking kratom, and just like my brother Green Borneo is my favorite. It is similiar to Green Malay which I was taking, but I feel this gives me more energy.

  13. Sarah Pantra

    I asked to look at the lab results of all the green stains that are carrried. Green Borneo had the highest mitragynine levels and made me feel amazing! Very pleased!

  14. Brian


  15. Veronica

    Package took 3 days past the expected delivery time to arrive. I was out of kratom for 2 days! I am glad that the powder was good…

  16. Felicia Sanders

    Goes great in a green smoothie! Great boost for the day!

  17. Beck White

    I always get relief when I take Green Borneo. Reliable and potent!

  18. Linda Tran

    Can I get a free sample? I have read good things and due to my money being tight I cannot afford to try something I may not enjoy.

  19. Kyler Hammish

    Strong green strain that very euphoric compared to the other greens.

  20. Cody Stinson

    Whenever I feel sluggish I reach for my bag of Green Borneo. Never fails to lift me up and I only need to take a little teaspoon since I take it so infrequently. Lately though I have noticed a huge difference in the strength because I have been having to increase my dose. Should I be concerned, I do not see why my tolerance would have increased because I am taking Kratom pretty infrequently.

  21. Wyatt Bennett

    It would be great if you guys had a point system or loyalty program. I spend a pretty penny with you guys and it would be cool to know that can benefit me and others.

  22. Sabrina Tinsley

    Favorite strain! I hope others enjoy it as much as I do!

  23. Jared Norman

    Powder was not smooth it felt grainy. I also feel as though my tea was much bitter compared to my previous encounters with Kratom. Not trying this strain again, Green Maeng Da tastes much better.

  24. Thomas Morbid

    Helps me get through my harder days and makes the easy days even better. I am not sure where I would be if I did not switch over to Kratom all those years ago. Thank you The Kratom Connection for always providing me with a good Bali 🙂

  25. Melinda Sparks

    Warm and euphoric strain. Feels like a Kratom hug that lasts all day. Absolutely lovely!

  26. Gertrude Farmer

    Just another gift god has given us to use for our self-care!

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