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White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

The Perfect Balance of Energy, Focus and Stimulation

Named for both the region it comes from as well as the color or ‘vein’ of the leaves from which it is produced, kratom is available in several varieties. In this guide, we explore one of the most popular white veins of kratom: White Maeng Da.

Where is White Maeng Da Grown?

White Maeng Da, as the name implies, is a sub-strain of the Maeng Da kratom variety, a variety that once was grown solely in the southernmost parts of Thailand. Today, Maeng Da, including the white strains, can be found throughout Southeast Asia, including the likes of Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It is in these countries and regions where the Mitragyna Speciosa, a tropical evergreen tree, and a distant cousin of the coffee plant, grows and thrives. Kratom is made from processing the leaves of this tree during specific stages of its growth cycle.

How is White Maeng Da Cultivated?

The Mitragyna Speciosa tree thrives in hot and humid climates, where it is carefully grown and cultivated using time-honored traditions passed down through the generations. Most farms are run by generational workers who have mastered the science and art of growing a healthy thriving crop from skills learned by their mothers and fathers.

With the right growing techniques and when mother nature cooperates, these farms produce trees that exhibit all of the desired qualities of the plant, producing a myriad of bioactive alkaloids sought out by kratom enthusiasts around the globe.

How and When are the Leaves Harvested?

The leaves from which White Maeng Da Kratom is made aren’t ‘white’ as the name would suggest. Neither is the eventual kratom powder that will be made from them. White veined leaves is a term used to describe those leaves young in their lifecycle and that which have not yet matured. At this stage, the veins have not yet turned reddish in color (as with red-veined kratom varieties).

When ready, each leaf is inspected visually for indications of good health, proper colored veins, and size, and hand-picked with care.

Once picked, the leaves are dried in cool, temperature-controlled rooms indoors. One unique aspect of this process is keeping the leaves in a room absent of any UV light. Not only does this keep the leaves from oxidizing, but it also aids in establishing just the right level of potency and mixture of the alkaloids white strains of kratom are celebrated for. The absence of light also results in a lighter colored kratom (another nod to its ‘white’ name).

After the leaves have finished drying and all moisture has been removed, the leaves are ground (in whole) into a fine, consistent powder.

Primary White Maeng Da Alkaloids





Other Trace Alkaloids: (C9) methoxy-oxindoles, and Ajmalicine, and traces of other indoles.

NOTE: We provide no recommendations for the use of this product. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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45 reviews for White Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Julie

    So energizing! This is great for the middle of the day or early morning when I want to stay productive. What a god send kratom is..

  2. Lammi

    Amazing kratom! This is hands down my favorite strain.

  3. Michelle

    Only strain that keeps me working throughout the day and able to relax in the evening. I recommend it for all the tired mommas out there.

  4. Peter

    I work in construction and 2 teaspoons with my protein shake goes a long way for me. On very rare occasions I need more than one dose, but I typically get through my work day before then.

  5. Tony

    Great stuff! Delivered on time as promised! I got the sample pack as a way to learn more beyond the standard green mange da which is great. I haven’t tried the whole sample pack (7 out of 8) but I’m really liking the white mange da. It’s a great focusing tool. The trick to all Kratom is to not overuse it. I have a small amount (1/2 teaspoon) everyday and take 1 day off a week.

  6. Travis berry

    I’ve tried it . It is the best I’ve found.

  7. Barryandbettypeade

    Very good to kick off your day.this strain makes me more productive during the day with no jitters. I would highly recommend this to kick off your day. Fresh nicely packaged great customer service hands down I would not buy anywhere else than the Kratom connection!

  8. ghostly17649

    I wish I would have known about Kratom a few years ago! They’re great for taking in the morning when you wake up to kick off your day they put you in a positive energetic Good Feeling mood. The product is just as good as the customer service which is really hard to find these days. I usually don’t ever rite reviews but I had to this stuff is a gem. Very good all natural alternative

  9. Angel Judkins

    Ordering now and I hope to get the results I have read about!

  10. Angel Judkins

    Does exactly what I wanted, I definitely recommend it.

  11. andyealmazan

    Was given some by a coworker and it works fast and good.Told him I have to get some

  12. John M Grose


  13. gmaria856

    I’m on medical marijuana and combined with a white strain I can finally live again with peace of mind.

  14. Steve

    Very calming…loved it

  15. Peggy Tackett

    White Maeng Da is great for an everyday strain. Intense, long-lasting, and the taste could be worse.

  16. Michael

    This White Vein Maeng Da helps me to be more productive. Great for people who have low energy.

  17. Dorothy Carson


  18. Jake

    10/10 🙂

  19. Seth

    Great morning strain!!! Smooth energy that cant be beat. 3-4 grams will get ya going. Super fast shipping. Excellent service.

  20. Ed Kingery

    These guys carry the best product at the lowest prices. The customer service is outstanding as well. You will not be disappointed.

  21. Chanda Wogomon

    Firstly, I was really surprised by how quickly I received the product. Was packaged and sent discreetly, which is always a good thing. Then when I opened it, oh my god, I could just tell it was good by the smell. So fresh! Was easily able to capsulize or take with oblate discs. Affects are felt pretty quickly and are excellent. I still can’t believe how it helps me pay SO much attention to small details that normally I wouldn’t even notice. I’m finishing what I ordered within the next week, so I’ll be ordering more today! Kudos to the growers on this strain and the processing of it!

  22. Janice Gunther

    The powder is fresh and the bags are pretty tough, took one on a backpacking trip and it survived haha. Great strain to use when you are out on the trail and you feel the soreness coming on. 10/10!

  23. Jeffrey Zion

    I found this website because a friend recommended I give them a try. When I sent an email for some information as to what strain I should be using I got a response within the hour. White Maeng Da has been working for me ever since their recommendation and I have never been so energized and focused in the morning before! Highly suggest this strain for anyone needing their morning pick me up! Thank you TKC!!

  24. Laura Halsing

    Provides the energy I seek plus the support staff is always helpful and proffessional.

  25. Brenda Lewis

    I would almost go as far as saying this has changed my life entirely. Now I wake up, drink my greens smoothie with my kratom blended in and get my day started with a smile. They have a few other strains I enjoy but White Maeng Da is the one I seem to gravitate towards. Make sure you drink a lot of water though!

  26. Jared McPherson

    I am a HUGE beliver in the fact that nature provides us with everything we need to stay healthy and to recover from injury or illness. Kratom has been a miracle in my life since a friend introduced it to me back in 2010 and it is all natural! I work in Data Analysis, so I am always staring at the computer and I need to stay focused. This has helped me throughout my career and back when I just needed the energy to do the physically laborious jobs I was working to keep financially afloat as a young adult. I always appreciate how quick my orders are processed and how polite the staff are. The Kratom Connection will always be my first choice!

  27. Shawn Lawless

    My wife and I have been ordering from the Kratom Connection since 2018, and out of the several companies we have done business with these guys are by far the best.

  28. Tara Duncan

    Good strain for energy, lovely service, and fast shipping. The coupon codes are always helpful as well. Thank you guys for being awesome. -Tara

  29. Angela Mooney

    Just wanted to let you guys know you are doing great, keep up the good work. Everyone who I have referred loves ordering from you and the word just keeps getting spread. Thank you and God bless!

  30. August Holmes

    My favorite strain no questions asked. It is great to take during the day when I am on the job. It also helps with any aches and pains I might get while at work. Highly recommend 🙂

  31. Jenna Kilmer

    I have been ordering for 3 years from you guys and it seems as though I have to take more and more Kratom to reach my desired effects. Starting to spend money I am not supposed to be spending just to feel what I used to…

  32. Barbara Lancer

    Thanks to this strain and this company I feel like a productive mother again. After my third child I lost a lot of my energy because my baby has colic which has led to sleepless nights. Appreciate having this in my life and a cannot stress how much relief this has brought me.

  33. Sasha Montgomery

    Tried this company for the first time and was highly satisfied with the product and the customer Service. Sunny was very professional and knowledgeable. Helped me decide to try the white maeng da and it totally helped my focus and energy level.

  34. Drake Hodges

    Tried this company for the first time after a recommendation from my friend. Their prices were fair and the product was excellent. By far the best kratom I’ve tried. provided good amount of energy and focus without any side effects. Will be placing another order soon.

  35. Manny Barstone

    Superb quality and the powder was very fresh. the powder kicks in really quick which i like but has a bitter taste. Orange juice is my trick 🙂

  36. Dotty Shaynich

    Placed my order on Monday and received it Wednesday!! Way to go guys!! I waited too long to place my order so i was very grateful that they were so dilligent getting my pacckage sent out. These guys really care about their customers!!!!!

  37. Hunter Schwab

    Sometimes I have trouble completing payment and it is annoying to have to jump through some hoops to get my order placed. Other than that I wish we had more companies like The Kratom Connection. Honest, helpful, and consistent. Thank you guys for what you do and I hope to continue business for years to come.

  38. Keeton Chase

    The prices are fantastic compared to where I used to get my Kratom, better quality too. Love, love, love these guys.

  39. Gertrude Richardson

    Sometimes when the grandkids come over I need the energy to play around with them, this is better than a cup of coffee because I also get a little relief. Little tidbit of advice, I would suggest talking to your doctor if you are on any medications before trying Kratom.

  40. Brent Pershing

    Just wanted to make it known that these guys are fantastic! If you are reading this and you haven’t ordered yet I would recommend trying them right away!!

  41. Wayne Brunswick

    I require discreet packaging in my apartment complex and these guys were very professional and understanding. Much better than smoke shop kratom. A+ guys! thanks again. Won’t be ordering from anyone else in the future.

  42. Nena Humphrey

    The kratom is always great and so is the customer service. Only issue I have is sometimes it takes a while for me to get my package, so three stars.

  43. Jason Wickersham

    11/10 This company is great.

  44. Ophelia Turner

    A friend recommended this website to me and I have ordered 3 times since my first visit. Every time the order arrived early, or on-time, and my products had a few extra grams included. Feel like a got the hook-up 🙂

  45. Sheila Fishell

    I love White Maeng Da. I’ve always gotten it fast and have never had any problems.

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