Kratom Powder Sample Pack

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Kratom Samples. Try 10 of our amazing strains, 15 grams in each sample. 150 grams total! FREE priority mail shipping included ($7.55 value)

Note: This is a powder sample pack.

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Kratom Powder Sample Pack

Try them all with the kratom sample pack! If you are new to The Kratom Connection, we highly recommend starting with the kratom sample pack so that you can quickly find the strains that best suit your needs. Each strain comes in 15 gram quantities packaged individually for a total of 150 grams. All kratom powder sample packs are discretely packaged and shipped via FREE USPS Priority Mail (~2-3 business day shipping. $7.55 value).

15g x Red Maeng Da Kratom Sample
15g x Red Borneo Kratom Sample
15g x Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom Sample
15g x Red Bentuangie Kratom Sample
15g x Green Bali Kratom Sample
15g x Green Maeng Da Kratom Sample
15g x Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Sample
15g x Green Malay Kratom Sample
15g x White Maeng Da Kratom Sample
15g x White Elephant Sample

NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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Weight 150 g

31 reviews for Kratom Powder Sample Pack

  1. Ezekiel

    Pretty solid kratom. My favorites are the red horned and premium green vein borneo strains. Least favorites are the yellow vietnm and white vein borneo.

  2. Mitch

    Seriously impressed. Favorites were red maeng da and red horn. Least favorite was yellow vietnam.

  3. VJ

    Nice selection and variety and pretty good deal for samples.

  4. Mark

    I loved all of the strains except the red vein maeng da wasn’t as strong as I hoped for but overall pretty good stuff.

  5. Mike

    I received the strains quickly and they were all very fresh, well sealed and potent.

  6. Terry

    Great kratom! I wish they had a smaller sample pack but I was very pleased with the quality.

  7. Charles Beck

    Great stuff

  8. Rick

    Great deal, high quality products, secured packaging for freshness, fast shipping and customer service was excellent. What more can you ask for? Very pleased A++

  9. Andrew

    I liked that I was able to sample a TON of different strains with this sample pack. I genuinely liked every single strain and received a large amount of energy, pain relief and relaxation from all of the strains.

  10. Onyxana

    Just what I was looking for, red bentuangie is my new go to strain.

  11. Mdowdle1970


  12. Magic Mare

    Green Maeng Da is the best strain in my opinion. There are others that are good or even comparable, but this one trumps them all and is consistent every time.

  13. Chris B

    First time ordering being new to kratom the sample pack was perfect. The price for the quantity is better than i found on any other site or local and the shipping was very quick. Favorites out of the pack so far are the green maeng, red hulu and green bali. They give good energy and at night i have not had to deal with my rls sense i started using them. I will definitely be ordering more when these run out.

  14. Pete

    The kratom here is really really good. Always super fresh. I wish they carried the older sampler that was a little bigger. Still an excellent choice if you are new to kratom and trying to figure out which strains work best.


    This stuff is great, I wish I had found out about it long ago. The only thing I would request is that they started selling a 1/4 gram capsule option because I guess I’m a total lightweight and that’s all I need for the effects I desire. Until then I’ll stick to the powder 🙂

  16. Joe

    There is one place I go to locally that has good quality kratom at a good price. I only decided to order from here because they had different strains.
    This variety pack is full of great strains and the quality is on par with the local place I like. I didn’t care for the red bentuangie’s after-effects, but that might be just my body’s reaction. I would recommend this place amongst other online vendors I’ve tried.

  17. Thomas Kilby

    Ordered my Kratom a week in advance and assumed that the package should arrive within that week. My Kratom still hasn’t arrived and I am dissapointed with the length of time this is taking. Not going to order again unless you guys can guarantee when I will receive my package. If I was sent some product for free with a faster delivery method then I would remain a customer. Stop using USPS if you cannot guarantee when the package will be delivered.

  18. benjamin

    What a brilliant idea. i was unsure which strain to use because i have never tried most of them. This was a great way to try multiple different strains and decide which i like and which i didnt. the package is discreet when it arrives. and all the powder was fresh. thank you kratom connection

  19. myranda lincoln

    The best way to go if you want to try multiple strains. They have fresh powder and are always very quick to process my order. i dont use the red hulu so they are kind enough to change it out with yellow maeng da. I cant believe that more people arent using this stuff. Gods gift!!

  20. Hector K

    It is always nice to be able to switch up what I am taking. Thank you guys for offering something with variety.

  21. Tedford McCarthy

    I have had cheaper prices, but I have not had better Kratom. If you guys offered either a lower price, or more consistent coupons I would give a higher rating.

  22. Breanna

    From the first phone call all the way to the last order I placed has been a great experience. I wish you guys continue to provide an excellet product to us needy folks!!

  23. Susan Schiller

    These guys are just awesome! I love interacting with the employees who man the phones and the kratom is always superb! Whenever there is an issue ( Which things happen, everyone makes mistakes) it is always resolved quickly and the solution is satisfactory at the least. The Kratom Connection has even gone above and beyond for me in certain situations, and even if the product starts to decrease in quality I will remain a customer. Can’t beat the customer service that they offer and the prices are great!

  24. Frankie Jane

    This is the best product that these guys offer. If you could start carrying extracts I am sure we would all be very appreciative, only thing that would make you guys better. You guys are still fantastic tho:)

  25. Jacy Kohl

    THE.KRATOM.CONNECTION…Your product, the wonderful people that help when you call, the discounts, all of it is just awesome. A BIG BIG thank you from me!!

  26. James U

    Instead of offering 10 out of the 15 strains you sell the pack should include 1 sample of everything. Otherwise I enjoy the product and hope that someday this becomes an option. You gained a loyal customer regardless.

  27. Greta

    I have been a customer for 3 years and have been ordering this sample pack consistently throughout that time. This is the best way to not build a tolerance to a certain strain which can happen over time from what I have heard.

  28. Kacey Jillfree

    The sample pack is completely customizable and I was not aware until I reached out. Once I found this information out it has been a godsend. Thank you guys for offering a great product, just think there needs to be more clear notices on the website regarding stipulations and exceptions.

  29. Margaret Taylor

    It has been a few years now that I have been taking Kratom. I have ordered from several suppliers and have tried what I would think to be all the kinds of Kratom and Kratom products there are. With that being said when I received my sample pack I was not pleased with the color of the Red strains. The effects were great but the color was more of a brown-green compared to the deep-colored strains I have received in the past. I hope this is not a consistent issue.

  30. Sarah Kangley

    A few months ago I discovered the Kratom Connection, at first it was an absolute relief! After ordering for a few months I moved to Alabama. I had no idea that I could not have my Kratom shipped here due to the legality surrounding it in certain states. At first it was a complete bummer, but then I found another company that is willing to ship to me here. With that being said I wanted to say The Kratom Connection is a great company but it is a huge loss they are not willing to help out those in need.

  31. Karina J

    My husband and I are very impressed with you guys. It has been a blessing knowing we have found a place we enjoy and we have never had any issues except for shipping ( We know that is not y’all’s fault). Thank you to the heavens and back!

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