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Green Maeng Da Kratom

The Perfect Blend of Effects – balanced and enjoyed by many

Originating in Thailand, the Maeng Da strain of kratom has since been effectively grown and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. Known for its mild, well-balanced effects, green strains, such as Green Maeng Da, are known for offering a unique blend of features found in both red and white strains. 

What is Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules 

Green Maeng Da is a variety of the Maeng Da strain of kratom, made from the dried and processed leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree (an evergreen native to Southeast Asia).

Maeng Da is traditionally known for its high potency, with the name actually translating to ‘pimp grade’, a nod to its strength. However, this sub-variety of Maeng Da is known for tapering down these effects, bringing in the qualities of several strains into what equates to an enjoyable melding of effects. 

Where is Green Maeng Da Grown?

The trees from which our Green Maeng Da is made are grown primarily on the island nation of Borneo in Indonesia.  The rich jungle soil, combined with optimal heat and humidity, provide the ideal conditions for these trees to grow and thrive. 

How is Green Maeng Da Cultivated?

As a tropical tree, and a relative of the coffee plant, Mitragyna Speciosa grows best in hot humid climates, supported by the cyclical nature of the dry and rainy season in Southeast Asia.

Here these trees are grown and cultivated by local farmers, often carrying on the tradition of growing kratom leaves passed down to them through the generations. Traditional growing techniques combine with Mother Nature in just the right way, helping these trees produce healthy vibrant leaves rich in the botanical alkaloids responsible for kratom’s desired effects.

How and When are the Leaves Harvested?

Whereas white-veined varieties are picked early in the maturation cycle, and red-veined leaves later when the veins turn red, green kratom strains come from leaves somewhere in the middle.

The leaves used to make Green Maeng Da Kratom generally come from those leaves which have made it through the initial growth spurt following the dry season and into the rainy season, but before they have reached maturation.

How is Green Maeng Da Processed?

After careful selection and gentle hand-picking, the leaves are taken to a temperature-controlled room (usually kept cool with AC), and with little to no light. Once they are close to dry, the leaves are often moved outside for between 1-2 hours to finish the drying process naturally under the UV light of the sun.

As compared to other strains, the drying process for green kratom strains typically takes a bit longer, resulting in a unique combination of alkaloids at various concentrations.

Once dry, the whole leaves, veins and all, are ground into a fine consistent greenish capsules, similar to matcha.

What Makes Green Maeng Da Kratom so Special? 

Kratom has long been consumed for a broad range of reasons, heralded for its physiological and psychostimulatory effects. What makes Green Maeng Da kratom so special is that it combines the potency that Magen Da is known for, with elements of both red and white strains, all without being overwhelming.

This interesting combination of alkaloids and effects is highly sought after by kratom users worldwide.

Green Maeng Da Alkaloids 

In 2020, the Journal of Natural Products analyzed the chemistry of various kratom strains, including Green Maeng Da. The overall goal of this study was to determine the alkaloids present that may be responsible for the desired effects we all know and love.

The Following Indole and Oxindole Alkaloids Were Isolated from Green Maeng Da in the Highest Concentrations:

Mitragynine – present in the highest concentration and thought to be responsible for various effects such as euphoria, stimulation (low doses), sedation (higher doses), relaxation, and more.  

Speciociliatine – proven to be a weak agonist for opioid receptors and to influence neurochemistry, specifically inhibiting acetylcholine release, which may aid in relaxation and muscle relaxation. 

Speciogynine – Third highest in concentration, and proven to be a possible smooth muscle relaxer

Paynantheine – Second highest in concentration and thought to have muscle relaxation properties

  1. Nat. Prod.2020, 83, 7, 2165–2177

Publication Date: June 29, 2020


What Are the Effects of Green Mae Da Kratom? 

Kratom is taking for all sorts of reasons. Originally, kratom was used by field workers in Southeast Asia as a motivational mood enhancer, and for an invigorating energy boost to help them get through long laborious days in the field. 

As mentioned, Green Mae Da Kratom embodies the best features of red and white strains, melding them together into what equates to a very unique and pleasant experience.

The effects of White Mae Da Kratom, as with all other strains, is dose-dependent and may vary based upon the users own unique physiology.

That said, Green Mae Da Kratom is enjoyed by users for its mellow mix of uplifting euphoria, reduced stress, lightly invigorating and energizing properties, and overall mood enhancement. 

These properties make Green strains a favorite for social settings and daytime activities.

Reported Effects By Users Include:

  • Improved mood 
  • Light energizing effect
  • Focus and motivation 
  • Increased social ability 
  • Clarity 
  • Relaxation and calming effects
  • Euphoria 
  • And more…

Similar Strains

Strains from the same vein (although different regions and growing conditions) that have similar but unique effects of their own include:

  • Green Borneo 
  • Green Hulu
  • Green Malay
  • Green Bali

Two Other Strains NOT of the Green-Veined Variety that Green Kratom Users Enjoy Include:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da



We use the 000 size capsules which hold roughly 1 gram! Most vendors use 00 sized capsules which only hold .5 grams.

The kratom used in our Green Maeng Da Capsules is the same kratom that we sell as our Green Maeng Da kratom powder. This strain of kratom comes from the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Green Vein Maeng Da is the 3rd best selling strain in our store.

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44 reviews for Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

  1. Joan

    Amazing product, it really works!!

  2. Briana

    This strain is an AMAZING blend of both ENERGY and RELIEF! Kratom is a life saver!

  3. Chuck

    The best total price that I have found for the quantity ordered. Outstanding product, very consistent. The customer service was great. I ordered and received 2 days later half way across the country at no extra charge.

  4. Matt Stettner

    Great product!

  5. Brian Beauchemin


  6. Marion Bucksch

    Great beginner strain to introduce someone to the world of Kratom. This was the first strain I tried and still one of my faves.

  7. Chris

    Made my first order and got this product to me in just 2 days and the first dose gave me an awesome boost, this really works!! The price is the best I’ve seen yet for the quantity. Will have me for life!! Hoping I can catch some of those coupons codes. Great Prices plus coupon codes……outstanding!!!

  8. Teresa

    Really helps and natural

  9. Colleen Duprey

    Great product

  10. Jen Powell

    Best Green Maeng Da strain I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few). I always go back to this one!! Puts me in the BEST mood and makes me feel like I want to be active. Great product and great company with outstanding customer service. My favorite by far.

  11. Stephen von Grabill


  12. Shane randall

    Great selection and price

  13. Noel1016

    Love this product! The capsules are very conviene.

  14. Ash

    Such a life saver and I am having a better quality of life now!

  15. Michael L Ray

    1 gram size is great because I have to take fewer caps. Now I don’t need a handful lol

  16. Paul Kotyk


  17. careymccleary

    Makes me feel loose and full of energy which is such a weird, amazing feeling.

  18. Terrisa Boyles

    Great product

  19. Sabrina Morehead

    Makes my life waaay more tolerable. Always remember to drink lots of water and to take breaks every so often for a few days.

  20. Maureen Rose

    Great Price

  21. Dany

    Best I’ve tried, came back for more!

  22. Tristan Summerset

    The capsules are so much better than the powder. The powder coats your mouth and the taste does not go away for a while.

  23. Stephen von Grabill

    Excellent strain!! Only one comparable is Green Malay!

  24. Donna

    I mix Kratom with some other homeopathic powders I take and then make them into capsules. A fantastic way to keep me feeling young and if anyone is interested they can reach out to me and get my recipe.

  25. wiley_19_2000

    Great quality product! The price is great for what you get in quality. All around the best green maeng da I have tried. I will never order from another place again. Life long customer here! Great customer service as well. Keep doing what you guys do!

  26. Stacie

    By far the best Kratom I have found. Fast shipping and great customer service!

  27. Jared

    Amazing customer service!! Quick to respond to my questions. Also, the shipping was very fast! I would recommend them to anyone. Great quality kratom!

  28. Morgan Simmons

    Excellent service, great product

  29. patiscake33

    My favorite out of all the strains on TKC. Not crazy energy but normal energy like most people have. I know that I can make plans with friends and family now and not stress out because I’m not sure if I can make it. I can make solid plans and that is a wonder in itself for me. My previous anxiety of dreading the thought of calling off plans all the time are gone. That’s a beautiful thing for me.
    The staff is excellent, product is shipped and received very quickly and I’ve never received a strain that I didn’t like or didn’t work. TKC has proven to me that is the best company out there. I’ll be a loyal TKC customer as long as they’ll have me🤗

  30. Veronica Mathers

    When I ordered 100 grams of capsules the First Class shipping took forever to arrive and was automatically applied to my order for free. Not impressed.

  31. Gloria Karns

    I have been enjoying the effects of the Kratom so much that I am about to order some in bulk. Do you guys have a set price break?

  32. Jody Brown

    I sometimes take it with red strains. It has helped me get my life back on track. Definitely going to be ordering again.

  33. Victor Darnell

    Made me burp for a few hours and it did not taste good. Plus I had to take 12 capsules just to start feeling something which is not usual when you take something for the first time.

  34. Tracy Quail

    Gave me a headache and made me feel very hot. I reached out about this and discovered that other people have had the same issue after not drinking enough water. So be sure to drink enough liquids that are not diuretic.

  35. Cheyenne Winters

    I feel like I have to eat more capsules compared to when I take powder. I have to eat 5 capsules and only need to take 3 grams of powder. Not sure if it is just me or if this is something others have witnessed.

  36. Diana Horn

    I keep coming back for more again and again, not buying from anywhere else!

  37. Hunter

    This is my first purchase and I will be leaving a detailed review soon!

  38. Karen Hasenauer


  39. Rihanna Grammer

    Hits the spot every time!

  40. Warren Brass

    Never knew that a plant was this capable of improving my life. Starting to belive more and more that we were given everything we need to live happy lives off of what nature has provided.

  41. Jordan West

    Even though the capsules are ginormous I still rather take the caps than the powder. Yuck stuff!

  42. Jessica Starlet

    I was taking the red strains for quite a while until I decided to give a green a try. I usually received energy from the red strains and could even go to sleep if I took more capsules. The greens are a whole different animal. There is nothing but natural energy and relief, makes doing chores and living daily life so much better.

  43. Amanda Xavier

    My daughter introduced me to the wonders of Kratom and Green Maeng Da was the first kind I tried, still my favorite to this day. Green Malay is another nice one but it can make you feel spacey if you take too much in my opinion.

  44. Liam Falker

    My new favorite strain!

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