Parachuting Kratom: What Is It and Should You Do It? 2021-08-16T20:47:32-07:00

With kratom skyrocketing in popularity, so are new and creative ways to use it. In this guide, we explore an old classic: parachuting kratom.

What is Parachuting?

Popularized by the fitness supplement industry, ‘parachuting’ has nothing to do with jumping out of a plane, but everything to do with consuming supplements or herbs (such as kratom) in powder form.

The term parachuting describes a process in which the dry powder of a supplement or herb is wrapped up in a ‘parachute’, and then swallowed whole. As it relates to kratom, parachuting might be an attractive option due to bypassing the taste buds and kratom’s notoriously bitter taste. Don’t miss our latest article on the basics of Growing Kratom!

But should you do it? Read on to learn more…

Do People Really Use Toilet Paper to ‘Parachute’ Powders?

Some people do. In fact, using toilet paper is considered by many ‘old school’ enthusiasts in the health, wellness and fitness industry as the tried and true way to parachute. Although toilet paper is readily accessible in virtually all households, and a cheap option, it is not something we can get behind.

Despite people using toilet paper for parachuting for decades, there are some potential downsides here. First, GROSS lol. Even new, clean, right out of the package toilet paper kind of makes us cringe. Secondly, some toilet paper is scented or utilizes other ingredients such as aloe vera, and may actually cause you to get sick if ingested. Lastly, toilet paper is NOT FOOD GRADE material. It is not meant to be ingested and could cause digestive issues or other potential complications.

What is the Best Alternative to Toilet Paper for Parachuting Kratom?

Oblate discs are the preferred and best option for parachuting kratom. What are oblate discs you ask? Don’t worry, this isn’t likely a product you would have used outside of perhaps in a Japanese restaurant.

What are Oblate Discs and What Makes them So Great for Parachuting Kratom?

Oblate discs, originating in Japan, are used in both cooking as well as medicinal applications. Made from vegetable starch (usually potato, rice or seaweed), these discs are thin, transparent, flavorless, and perfectly safe to eat. In fact, some Japanese candies are even wrapped in oblate discs so that they can be eaten whole without unwrapping.

Due to their thin flavorless features, oblate discs are an effective and versatile product ideal for helping kratom users enjoy the ease of the ‘toss and wash’ or ‘shotgun’ method, with the benefits of kratom capsules.

What are the Benefits of Parachuting Kratom?

Minimal Prep: Unlike making a drink or snack preparation with kratom, parachuting requires minimal setup. As long as you can measure your dose and drop it on an oblate disc, that’s about all there is to it. 

Easier Than Capping: Some people opt to cap their own kratom powder (such as the red variety) in an effort to save a few dollars on premade capsules. In the end, however, many of these people realize that this is a time-consuming and arduous process. Measuring can be difficult, filling caps is tedious work, and you can only get so much powder per cap, often requiring more caps per needed dose.

Conceal the Flavor: Not only are oblate discs flavorless, but they also mask the bitter earthy flavor of kratom powder, creating a barrier between the kratom and your taste buds.

Fast-Acting: Oblate discs are incredibly thin, enabling them to quickly dissolve once ingested, expediting the process of kratom’s bioactive compounds reaching the bloodstream where they produce desired effects.

How to Use Oblate Discs for Parachuting Kratom

When it comes to wrapping up your kratom powder with oblate discs, there are a few different approaches you can take.

By far, the most common way to prepare your parachute is by laying the oblate disc on a flat clean surface, measure or weigh out your kratom dose, place this atop the oblate disc (evenly in the middle), wrap it up and you’re good to go.

But how do you ‘seal’ the wrapped-up parachute so that the powder doesn’t get all over and come undone? Similar to how you would lick a letter to activate the glue. You can lick or dip your finger in water then run it along the edges that you want to seal. This will make that part of the disc sticky. 

Once sealed, you can swallow the whole parachute like a big pill. But be sure to have a FULL big glass of water available to help wash it down.

Tips When Parachuting Kratom

1. Experiment with Sizes: It may take some practice to find the right oblate disc size that fits the amount of kratom you desire without coming undone.

2. Choking Hazard: Although oblate discs are designed to melt quickly, that doesn’t mean they can’t get temporarily stuck in your throat. For those that have issues with swallowing pills, take special care to make your parachutes adequately small, even if that means you’ll need to take more of them to achieve the desired dose.

3. Always Have a Drink Nearby: You’ll need this to wash down the parachute and can come in handy if it gets stuck momentarily.

4. Rinsing in Water: Some parachuters advocate dipping the entire parachute in water to help it slide down the throat more easily. IF you do this, we suggest double-wrapping the parachute so that it doesn’t melt in the water and leave you with a kratom mess.

5. Do Not Make Ahead of Time: You might be tempted to make your parachutes in advance of use. However, oblate discs are NOT meant to preserve the contents inside. They can break down from moisture in the air and create quite a mess. 

There you have it! Everything you need to know about parachuting kratom.

Remember, always enjoy responsibly.

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