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Is Kratom Legal In Georgia? 2018-02-12T13:19:02+00:00

Is Kratom Legal in Georgia?

is kratom legal in georgia?

As of February of 2018, the herbal supplement kratom is legal without restriction in the state of Georgia. Kratom’s legal status is as such because its alkaloids were removed from legislation that would have added them to the state’s list of controlled substances (HB783, below). Georgia is currently under the microscope for kratom, after their state medical examiner issued warnings as recent as November of 2017. However, these claims didn’t cause much of a stir in the legislative community, as there are still no incidents of kratom leading directly to physical harm. In truth, people have been consuming kratom for hundreds of years without incident, and its unfamiliarity in the U.S. is what likely contributes to the stigmas that surround it.

Kratom Legislation In Georgia

The following is a list of past, pending, and failed legislation pertaining to kratom in Georgia. Check back periodically for updates on the status of pending bills.

● House Bill 783, or HB783, was a bill intended to ban kratom (among other substances) in the state of Georgia that was put forth by the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee and Health and Human Services Committee. The bill’s original wording included kratom’s alkaloids on its list of banned substances, but public protests and petitions from kratom advocates compelled lawmen to remove kratom from the bill. HB783 subsequently passed the House without kratom’s inclusion.

Going Forward

Kratom’s removal from the list of controlled substances in HB783 was a win for advocates in the state. At the very least it means that lawmakers are willing to listen to arguments about which substances are harmful from their constituents rather than allowing sensationalism cloud their objectivity. At most, it means kratom has already passed its trial in the state, and, barring any unlikely developments, is safe for the near future.

Where To Buy Kratom In Georgia

Kratom can be purchased in local smoke shops across the state of Georgia. Georgia residents can also purchase kratom online from a variety of different websites. We recommend purchasing kratom online for a variety of reasons. Prices are often much better online & the quality of kratom available online is generally much better than kratom found in smoke shops.

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