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Buy Kratom in Carlsbad, CA @ Bumble Bee Botanicals

If you have been looking for the best place to buy kratom in Carlsbad, CA or North County San Diego, we highly recommend Bumble Bee Botanicals in Carlsbad (Located just west of the 5 freeway in the heart of Carlsbad). We recommend Bumble Bee Botanicals in Carlsbad because of their huge selection of quality kratom, reasonable prices, kratom knowledge and a phenomenal customer experience.

Bumble Bee Botanicals

2845 Roosevelt St
Carlsbad, CA 92008

(858) 255-4443

Carlsbad Kratom Selection

Kratom Strains

Red Maeng Da Kratom
Red Bali Kratom
Red Bentuangie Kratom
Green Maeng Da Kratom
Green Vietnam Kratom
Green Malay Kratom
Green Bali Kratom
Gold Bali Kratom
Green Borneo Kratom
White Maeng Da Kratom
White Thai Kratom
White Borneo Kratom

Black Crystal Extract
Green Crystal Extract
Gold Crystal Extract
Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Shot
Bali Liquid Kratom Shot
Bumble Bee’s Blended Extract Shot

Bumble Bee Botanicals has roughly 15 different strains of kratom powders and kratom capsules available for sale in Carlsbad. In addition to the large selection of powdered leaf strains, they have powder kratom extracts and liquid kratom extracts for those that want something a little extra. In addition to the wide selection, you also get to choose exactly how much you would like to purchase as the kratom powder is sold by the gram. You can purchase as little as 1 gram or multiple kilograms. Below is a menu of their primary kratom strains for sale in Carlsbad.

Other Perks

The Carlsbad kratom store has a free coffee/tea bar for all patrons, a generous loyalty program, and is usually rocking oldies music. For those looking to buy kratom in Carlsbad, there is no better environment. For every dollar spent at the Carlsbad kratom store you will receive points which can be redeemed for free kratom. The staff is very knowledgeable about kratom, understands the concerns of the kratom community and is dedicated to presenting kratom in a positive light. Stop by, say hello, purchase some kratom and join the millions of Americans that take kratom to do more, feel better and live their best life.