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Step-by-step Instructions on Making Kratom Tea

Making the perfect cup of kratom tea just got easier

You’ve heard of kratom. You’ve read about its purported benefits touted by users across the internet. From promoting inner calm and enhanced cognitive function, to helping those with stress and anxiety, users of kratom the world over are shouting from the rooftops about how this all-natural herb from a tree in Southeast Asia has changed their lives for the better.

Kratom tea is a traditional, effective and enjoyable way to consume this medicinal plant. But how can you make kratom into a tea? Is it difficult? What will you need? And is there anything you should avoid? 

Fact is, making kratom tea is a lot easier than you think, but there are some key steps you need to follow in order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your delectably infused beverage. The Kratom Connection offers many more tips on how to get the most out of kratom.

How to Make Kratom Tea – a step by step guide

Every tea toddler has their own personal preferences about how to brew the perfect cup of tea. We’re here to bring you the best of these methods in order to help you transform this bitter powder into an enjoyable cup of tea you’ll love to sit down with.

Preparation is Everything: tips on getting it right

Before we dive into the recipe for making kratom tea, there are important steps in the process you need to follow in order to ensure the finished product lives up to our gold seal of approval.

1. Use Hot, But Never Boiling, Water

What makes kratom so special, are its alkaloids. These alkaloids are the chemically active natural compounds that elicit kratom’s desired effects in the body. Although these alkaloids are capable of withstanding high temperatures well, they may become weakened, damaged or even destroyed if boiled.   

2. Optimize the pH Levels 

Those same alkaloids we mentioned in tip #1 above, are also sensitive to the pH (or acidity) of your tea. By incorporating an acidic ingredient to your tea, you can create a type of ‘buffer’ that prevents damage to the alkaloids from the hot temperatures. 

TIP: We suggest adding a splash of apple cider vinegar, lemon or lime juice to achieve this buffering effect, while also adding a bit of zest to the flavor profile.

3. Keep Your Favorite Sweetener on Hand (just in case)

Kratom is notoriously bitter, leaving its users with a bad taste in their mouths. If you happen to be sensitive to bitterness (think tannins in strong tea or black coffee), you may want to have a sweetener on hand. 

We suggest natural sweeteners such as Agave juice, honey or cane sugar, although any artificial sweetener works just as well. 

4. Sir Generously

Kratom powder has a tendency to clump or collect at the bottom of the teacup, forming a gritty layer that is not only distasteful, it means you’re leaving behind precious dosage that you had planned on drinking.

This issue is easily overcome by generous and frequent stirring between sips.

PRO TIP: A matcha tea whisk is the perfect accompanying tool to get the job done right

5. Diluting to Suit Your Taste

Given its potent bitterness, don’t be afraid to dilute your tea by adding additional water or juice. Getting the taste just right is an important aspect of enjoying your brew.

TIP: DO NOT add any milk or creamer. Remember, the alkaloids in kratom are sensitive to pH. Adding milk or creamer could negate the increased pH you had achieved by adding an acidic ingredient like lemon juice.

Making Kratom Tea From Powder

This is, by far, the easiest and most readily applied method for making kratom tea.

What You’ll Need:

  • A small whisk (a spoon will suffice though)
  • 8-10z of water (ideally spring but tap is fine)
  • Saucepan (a pouring lip makes this easier but not required)
  • Metal strainer (a coffee filter will work in a pinch)
  • Fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar 
  • Sweetener of choice (i.e. honey, agave, etc.)


  • 1. Pour water into the saucepan and begin heating. Remember, the ideal temperature is near, but not at, boiling.
  • 2. Add a splash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to the heated water and stir 
  • 3. Measure out your desired dose of kratom and sprinkle it into the pan.
  • 4. Stir vigorously or until the kratom powder is evenly distributed 
  • 5. Let this mixture simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • 6. Using a strainer, pour the mixture through the strainer and into your teacup or coffee mug. The strainer should catch and filter out any large particulates that did not dissolve.
  • 7. Stir in any sweetener (if needed) to taste

Making Kratom Tea Is Simple, Fast, and Enjoyable

Kratom is a wonderful natural supplement, known the world-over for its purported potential health benefits. If you’ve been struggling with how to best consume this fascinating ancient remedy, making a tea is a wonderful way to enjoy all that it has to offer. By following the steps in this guide, you too can partake in the century’s old tradition of using kratom. Just remember to do so responsibly.