Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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Halfway between Red & Green Maeng Da. Mellow yet energizing aroma.

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Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Our yellow maeng da kratom powders come directly from our farmers in Indonesia. Yellow Maeng Da is well known for its energizing yet mellow aroma. This product is 100% organic, no additives whatsoever.  Freshness guaranteed! If you like maeng da, be sure to check out our red, green, and white maeng da kratom powders.

NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1000g

23 reviews for Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Andrew

    Good early evening strain! I take about 5 grams and felt a small amount of energy, a good boost, and very euphoric!

  2. james vine

    I bought the red caps. New to this so I am still getting my grams right. So far I am very happy.

  3. Amy

    Really good product. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the yellow and red maeng da though. Fast shipping.

  4. Diana Jaasma

    Very helpful product for getting through my days

  5. Fatima Escamilla

    Yellows have always been a spring/summer strain for me. I am so pent up during this time of year and these strains are perfect for winding down. I already stocked up for the whole season, looks crazy having all these bags in my deep freeze haha.

  6. Warren Brassland

    Gives me the best mood boost out of all of the euphoric strains I have tried so far! Be careful though, if you take too much you can go from feeling good to feeling spacey real quick.

  7. Carmen Stellar

    Provides the energy I am needing and some euphoria on top of that. I feel like I am walking on sunshine. Yellow for the win!!

  8. Martin Devlin

    This is not a well known strain and I think it the word should be spread. It is nothing like any of the other colors and never fails to make you feel great physically and emotionally. I am 100% in love with yellow maeng, best kratom there is.

    When I first heard about the Yellow Maeng da I was skeptical because it sounded like one of those other weird strains you hear about at the gas station such as Rainbow Bali and whatnot. This was thankfully not the case.

  9. sabrinamorehead

    Good service. Good product.

  10. Derek Clover

    Yellow Maeng Da is great by itself or if you replace some of your regular dose with this such as half and half Green Malay and Yellow Maeng Da it enhances your mood for sure.

  11. Marnette Brocklin

    One of the bags I received seems to be drier than the other 3. Should I be concerned about the quality of what I received?

  12. Lyle Weedman

    This strain did nothing for me, I feel like it was a waste of moeny. Do you guys take returns?

  13. James Freedle

    I have started making my own Kratom gummies using some extraction methods and it has been proving to be worth it. I am constantly adventuring or working which both take its toll on your physical and mental energy. I feel motivated and euphoric whenever I take these on a trip or even on a regular day. 100% worth the work I ahve been putting in and I appreciate being able to get the raw material from such an awesome company!

  14. Bjorn Hoffsen

    Never had a strain make me feel tingley before and it was amazing! Unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have achieved the tingles on every occasion I have taken this strain (Spacing out my doses just to be on the safe side) and I hope it stays this way. Namaste!

  15. Darcie Vinson

    One of the many tools helping me maintain success!

  16. Nancy Blum

    Made me feel very tingely and I want to know if anyone else has felt this way? Took me off guard for sure. It was enjoyable and not at the same time, difficult to explain.

  17. Ramona Flowers

    The powder tastes terrible but there are plenty of ways to get around that. Powder is the most cost effective option though and you can encapsulate it if necessary.

  18. Coraline Vaase

    Has a sweet smell and the effects are fantabulous!

  19. Victor Keaton

    I thought that I had tried every strain because I only knew about 3 of the color groups. Once I started trying the yellow/gold strains I was shook. Great stuff, and the effects are vastly different compared to everything else. I hope you guys get some extracts in because it would be awesoem to get some gold extract!

  20. Garth Schooler

    Fantastic stuff, 2 thumbs up!

  21. Frederick Johnson

    Yellow Maeng Da and Gold Bali are the best strains for uplifting your mood. I always have a good day after taking my dose.

  22. Carl Murkle

    If you are looking for a nice little mood boost this is the stuff. Only one that is any better would be the Gold Bali because I feel it is more relaxing. 4.5 stars so basically 5!

  23. Danyelle Braden

    I heard about the Gold and Yellow strains off of a Forum I am on. Once I realized my fave campany carries these I was pretty excited. I really enjoyed the effects you get when the Kratom is aged ( Hence the Gold Color). Very mellow and consistent.

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