Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

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Very potent red vein strain with a relaxing aroma.

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Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

Bentuangie (Ben-Twon-G) is a relatively new strain of kratom that is known to have a very relaxing and calming aroma. The Kratom Connection’s Red Bentuangie comes from our growers in West Borneo (Indonesia) and is definitely one of our more potent red vein strains. Our red bentuangie kratom has been carefully ground into a very fine powder by our growers and is sealed in airtight packaging to ensure freshness.

All orders are guaranteed to ship out next day (some orders ship out same day depending on what time you place your order). Also, if red vein strains are your thing, be sure to try our red vein borneo and red meang da kratom strains!

NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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26 reviews for Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

  1. Bruce

    Very very good for managing my chronic pain. It’s a heavy hitter, great for winding down my evening.

  2. John

    Very potent red vein. Most potent strain this website has!

  3. AlexU

    Enjoyable and relaxing, positive mindset, can be sedating in higher amounts (8+ g). 6 g is about perfect for me after work while making dinner/ hanging out or out shopping. Keeps me from getting too annoyed with crowds.

  4. Aaron

    Absolutely spectacular product. This is a very potent and sedating strain, probably the most potent I’ve had. It hits quick and last a long time. Definitely recommend taking this a couple hours before bedtime!

  5. Donna

    Just tried the Red Ben for the first time and ingested 3 grams. It is more gentle than the Red Hulu. Loved it. I seem to be getting a “twofer” just like with the Red Hulu. Gave me the energy to do my errands then when it was time to chill that’s exactly what I did. Felt it within 20 minutes and still going strong 3 hours later. I’ve got to say that Kratom Connection is a pleasure to deal with. They are VERY efficient AND customer service oriented. Being into plant medicine for different issues, emotional and physical, I’m stoked about finding Kratom.

  6. Mrs. Adkisson

    I tried Red Ben for the first time last night. I slept like a dream. I found this product to be fresh, resonably priced and superior quality. The young man at Kratum connection was knowledgeable and helpful. My Kratum Connection forever. I won’t buy anywhere else.
    Thank you!!

  7. Andrew

    My favorite red vein strain! Red Bentu is a strong pain reliever. I bought the product on a Wednesday and received it on Friday and the shipping was free!

  8. aaronworx4u

    One of the best Bentuangie strains I’ve tried. Relief is excellent. Aches & chronic joint issues go away quick. Also has a nice relaxed feel. I’m an experienced 5 year+ heavy kratom user and this is one of the better strains I’ve found online. You can tell it’s fresh too, judging by both scent & overall effects.

  9. wrightaway

    1st time customer with your site, not the last time! Red Bentuangie is a great pain reliever for hubby’s chronic back pain! Fast Shipping! Received order in exactly 48 hours!

  10. Vonnita Collins

    Excellent for opiate withdrawals

  11. Vonnita Collins

    Works great

  12. Mdowdle1970


  13. Vonnita Collins

    I love this powder… me lots of energy!!

  14. Nick

    Personally my favorite red strain, great for pain management as well as relaxing in my opiniom

  15. Eric

    Well I finally got around to ordering the red bent..took my normal 6 grams after work today and I gotta say….I Love it!
    This strain slowly creeps up on you and it starts out very relaxing and comtrable…but not sedating…a great strain to kick back relax and watch a movie!
    I’m thinking this is my new favourite red…beating the red Borneo by a’s just so smooth and just perfect!

  16. Lori

    Speedy free delivery. Just took first dose. No offensive smell or taste. I’m so hopeful for chronic lumbar crushed disc and broken tailbone pain. Panic attack relief from adrenalin gland and parathyroid tumors. Grateful for finding this connection. Will follow up soon.

  17. Scott Lohr

    Yet another 5* strain, this Red Bent is as good as any other I’ve tried. I mixed powder in kale juice this time instead of taking capsules which I now make with a $30 capsule machine, and I got away with a smaller dose, so I was happy about that. Plus the bitter taste was not as bad either, and even then it didn’t last. It kicked in in half the time. Also nice. Highly recommend for pain, relaxation and sleep.

  18. Scotty

    Just wanted to add: for the fact that this Red Bent is the least bitter of all strains I’ve tried, a great way to take the powder is to make a paste (per online instructions) by using an equal amount of strong juice: kale, cranberry or pineapple and spoon a teaspoon at a time onto your tougue and swallow quickly followed by some straight juice to wash it down. It kills the taste very quickly with little aftertaste. Much better than trying to gulp down a glass of mixture which tastes horrible as we all know. Just mix up the paste in a cup with the tip of the teaspoon. It takes about three minutes. Hope this helps;)

  19. George

    This is great red that you can take in the day (that is not red maeng da which works great in the daytime as well)! It is neither energizing or sedating for me but has a nice euphoric feel and excellent pain relief.

  20. proudmommy9

    I will never order from anywhere else, my kratom got here in 2 days! This was the fastest and easiest buying process I have ever used! I just took my first dose and I feel so calm and my pain is slowly letting up! This strain is the smoothest I have ever taken and no bitter taste at all! I have used many strains in my 4 years on kratom and this is great fresh quality! I am a new forever customer.

  21. kmueller87

    This strain is very strong. Made me very euphoric. I would highly recommend.

  22. Brendon Rundell

    I have been using the white strains for years. I was living in California but moved to Texas. Texas has kratom stores everywhere but I will stick with the variety and efficiency of Kratom Connection. I wish the word could get out to all who suffer from fibromyalgia, The Red Bentuangie, to my utter surprise, has been the thing the manages pain for my wife’s fibro pain. It really works.

  23. Mary

    Wow. This place is awesome! i left a voice message, and he called me back THAT DAY!! I WAS purchasing online from Canada which always took a week to get to me, but this was overnight, from west coast to east coast. Granted I paid xtra for the next day, but damn. And the quality is tops. They have a new steady customer in me. Kratom has changed my life. It’s JUST the thing to help me thru a crippling opiate dependency.

  24. Kerry Taylor

    My only place I go.Always great shipping.

  25. Sandra Madsen

    Great product and great service!!

  26. K

    Great aroma! This special blend helps calm upset nerves that can cause pain. Tension headaches? Try it! Pair with some yoga and intentional breathing and you’re golden. This company is incredible as well! I only purchase from TKC.

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