Green Bali Kratom Powder

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Strong green vein

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Green Bali Kratom Powder

Bali is an old school strain of kratom that is known to be excellent for muscle pain. It is the best green vein strain for muscle pain. Our Bali kratom powder is a green vein strain that is grown and harvested on the island of West Borneo in Indonesia. It often has a rich green color and does not have a pungent odor like some strains do. Our growers in Indonesia have many years of experiencing cultivating Bali kratom powder and that experience has yielded a superb strain of kratom that is excellent for muscle pain. Traditionally red vein strains are considered to be the best for managing chronic pain but our Bali strain is equally as effective. If red vein strains are more your cup of tea, we recommend our red bentuangie kratom, it is our most potent red!

NOTE: All products sold on this site are not intended for human consumption. This product can be used as an incense and in aromatherapy and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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35 reviews for Green Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Bob

    This is a great strain! Bali seems to work best for me, gives me relief from aches and pains and is much healthier for me than going to the pain doctor that’s for sure.

  2. Jack

    Great for my back!

  3. Joe

    This is the best green vein for pain relief. There is no other place I would buy bali kratom powder.

  4. Andrew

    The strain is EXCELLENT for my pain. The best pain killing green vein that I have ever had, hands down! It is also quite energizing and euphoric.

  5. Foadbjg

    This is the best strain for my needs, i have RA and i reach for this when pain levels rise

    This is the best shop and they are reachable by phone. Great customer service and always friendly!

  6. linda roberts

    great product helps with pain and depression

  7. kristiscott


  8. chiclet1956

    I’ve just ordered for the 3rd time with kratom Connection and if anyone’s hesitating using them, well DON’T! Fresh product, fare price, impeccable customer service! I’m a fan of the green strains and Bali seems to be doing the job. Happy customer ;^)


  9. Lisa Reeves

    I have tried several Kratom vendors and this one has the best product and shipping. I like the white strains for energy. I’m ordering one green and white this time. I want pain relief and physical energy. The Farm life is exhausting.

  10. jacob notch

    got sum green bali and it was barely green. i dare say white. the effects seems normal but the color threw me off. I will see if the next batch looks the same and then maybe call. i rely on this stuff and the kratom connection has always been consistent and reliable. hoping they didnt lose another distributor?

  11. marcos

    This stuff is super strong. never tried these guys and now i dont plan on going anywhere else. You get what you pay for, folks. Superior quality and the wait wasnt long i think i had it in two days after ordering it.

  12. Mindy Sable

    The most recent order arrived on time but the packing containing the kratom was smashed and there was powder all over the inside of the bag. I lost a good 20 grams.

  13. Bryan Buttler

    was using opiods for my pain and found that i had become dependant, i tried kratom and experimented with different strains until i found green bali. This strain really helps get thru the day without being all loopy from pills. Thank you Kratom Connection for being there for people like me. Without you i would be a zombie of myself. My daughter appreciates it too. She has her dad back.

  14. andrade gibbons

    I have been using the Red strains for a long time until I realized it was making me a little less energetic than i would like during the day. So i tried green bali and wow! talk about a game-changer. energy and mood enhancement. And i have learned that Orange juice is a good medium for consuming the powder without the after taste 🙂

  15. Jason Tordoff

    Great quality and excellent service, 10/10

  16. Kristen Ignacio

    The first time I placed an order I recieved a discount for being a first-time customer and I paid with an electronic check so I got another discount for that. Totaled to 20% off of my order so i paid almost nothing. And shipping was free! Ever since things have been great and I hope this will be my permanent supplier!!

  17. Gregory U

    I am not sure why, but every time I try to use my phone or tablet to place an order I cannot seem to get through the checkout page. It is quite annoying to have to call and place my order but other than that I am always happy with the product, especially Green Bali.

  18. Connor

    Green Bali is my favorite, great for helping me get through my day at work.

  19. Georgia H.

    During Thanksgiving I was on a family vacation and missed the holiday special that was being ran. When I called a few weeks later the discount would not be honored. I have been a customer for several YEARS and this is not the first time this has happened. No longer going to be a customer if exceptions can’t be made for a big spender.

  20. David Grumper

    Been a customer few a few years and hope to continue the trend. Thank you.

  21. James Barden

    When I was reading a description of the product euphoria was specifically mentioned. After taking the green bali I did not feel any euphoric effects but I did feel a ton of relief and some energy so I was appreciative of that.

  22. Ambrosia G.

    I have been looking for something to help me ween off of Oxy’s and so far this has been doing the trick. It has been a month and I already feel like I am going to free from these chains that hold me down. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The taste is sort of terrible, but the price is great!

  23. Maria Santoro

    Before I leave my review I want to specify that I am very pleased with the Kratom I receive, and the coupons/excellent customer service. So, lately I have been having a ton of issues with USPS delivering my packages and I just wish there was an option to go through another carrier. I am not sure what the issue is, but I am sure there has to be other people that wish there was such option.

  24. Tamon

    Great morning strain!!! Smooth energy that cant be beat. 3-4 grams will get ya going. Super fast shipping. Excellent service.

  25. Bertha Mendoza

    I enjoy ordering thru The Kratom Connection because they know me by name and always treat me with respect and courtesy. I am certain I am their Favorite customer. The green Bali is sensational i always get a sense of happiness and it takes my anxiety away

  26. Mary Ponderosa

    Firstly, I was really surprised by how quickly I received the product. Was packaged and sent discreetly, upon request. Then when I opened it, oh my god, I could just tell it was good by the smell. So fresh! Affects are felt pretty quickly and are excellent. The euphoria feeling is very good, and it helps tremendously with my joint pain, social anxiety, and depression, along with keeping me away from alcohol. I still can’t believe how it helps me pay SO much attention to small details that normally I wouldn’t even notice. I’m finishing what I ordered within the next week, so I’ll be ordering more today! Kudos to the growers on this strain and the processing of it!

  27. Joseph

    This Kratom is excellent for easing pain and providing sustained energy throughout the day. It also provides a boost to your mood and gives you an overall sense of calm and well being.

  28. Daemon

    Awesome stuff! Delivered on time as promised! I got the sample pack as a way to learn more beyond the standard green maeng da which is great. I haven’t tried the whole sample pack (8 out of 10) but I’m really liking the green bali. It’s a great focusing tool. The trick to all Kratom is to not overuse it. I have a small amount (1/2 teaspoon) everyday and take 1 day off a week.

  29. Tamara Richards

    If you are ever giving out free samples please keep me in mind. I am a loyal customer and am on a tight budget so anything helps, thanks bunches!!!

  30. Markus Nikolo

    2 thumbs up!!

  31. Demitry Wang

    Powder tastes terrible, go with the capsules

  32. Brian Monday

    Not the Bali I am used to getting from my local smoke shop. Made me sick the first time around, and after lowering my dose to less than half I finally felt what I was looking for.

  33. Aliyah Coppers

    Put 3 grams in some chocolate milk some mornings and it does me good every single time. Best stuff on the market!!!

  34. Belinda N.

    The powder that I received was a really nice Green color and the taste was excellent. Similiar to a tea that I drink regularly.

  35. Melinda Sparkson

    I used to be a regular customer until I found a place that sells extracts. Now I just buy occasionally because I cannot seem to find better powder. If extracts were available I would be spending a pretty penny with you guys every month.

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