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Kratom Legality in Illinois

As if this writing on January 26, 2018, kratom is legal for everyone age 18 and older in the state of Illinois, with the exception of Jerseyville, Illinois.  Illinois was one of the first states to propose legislation, and among the first to ban kratom, but this bill was amended last kratom legal in illinois

Illinois legislature may also be affected by their neighboring proximity to Indiana and Wisconsin, who have banned kratom, as well as failed legislation in Iowa and Kentucky. The amendment that removes the ban was due to an outcry from advocacy groups, and perhaps more prominently, from private citizens who assert that kratom is an effective method to combat withdrawal from dangerous substances.

Current Legislation

The following is current legislation involving kratom in Illinois, either pending or passed:

  • House Bill 5526 (HB5526), known as the Kratom Control Act, added kratom to the list of Schedule I controlled substances in the state. The bill was passed on August 18, 2014, effectively making kratom illegal to possess, distribute, or sell in the state.


  • House Bill 4106 (HB4106) was an amendment to the Kratom Control Act that passed on October 3, 2017. Instead of banning the leaf completely, the bill prohibits the possession of kratom by any individual under 18 years of age.  The legislature was considered a victory by kratom advocates, as it meant Illinois had reconsidered its stance on the herbal supplement.


Going Forward

Jerseyville, a small town with a population of about 9,000 people, appears to be an anomaly among the rest of the state.  Having already been banned and amended to a less restrictive status, it is reasonable to conclude that kratom is safe in Illinois for the foreseeable future, as long as you have an ID that says you’re over 18.

Where To Buy Kratom In Illinois

Kratom can be purchased at your local smoke shop pretty much anywhere in the state of Illinois. However, we do not recommend purchasing kratom from a smoke shop. Smoke shops do not have much knowledge of the plant, the prices are typically much higher than what can be found online, and the quality is often subpar. Also, the fact that kratom is often marketed and sold alongside synthetics substances in smoke shops that are commonly used as “legal highs” does not help its image. It is this kind of sales environment that leads uneducated legislators to propose anti-kratom legislation that ultimately harms their own constituents.

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