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Is Kratom Legal In Pennsylvania? 2018-02-12T12:37:41+00:00

Is Kratom Legal in Pennsylvania?

is kratom legal in pennsylvania?

As of February 2018, kratom is legal without restriction everywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.  This means that citizens can buy, sell, and distribute any quantity of the leaf within state lines without fear of persecution.   There has been no previous legislation to ban or restrict the leaf in the state, and there is currently no news of legislation in the works.

Pennsylvania has had its share of drug-related challenges over the past thirty years, but not overwhelmingly more than any other state in the northeast U.S.  Local law enforcement has cracked down on lethal substances like cocaine and heroin, but have left the leaf alone until more is understood about its side effects.  Advocates are quick to remind lawmakers that kratom is the opposite of a harmful drug; rather, it is an herb that actually helps people deal with the withdrawal symptoms from opiates.  This has caused some to compare it to methadone, but kratom isn’t nearly as habit-forming, nor as expensive.

Going Forward

Until the FDA can provide a definitive ruling on the safety of kratom, each state will need to address its legality according to its own terms.  As there haven’t been any cases in Pennsylvania where kratom was implicated as the direct cause of harm, there haven’t been any advocates to ban the substance.  This is unlikely to change in the future, though local governments may feel some pressure to lean a certain way on the leaf based on the results of New York’s pending legislatures.  Until then, things are looking hopeful for kratom enthusiasts in the Pennsylvania.

Where To Buy Kratom In Pennsylvania?

Kratom can be likely be purchased from any smoke shop in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residents can also purchase kratom online from a number of websites, usually either niche websites that sell only kratom or from herbal sites that sell kratom alongside other products like CBD oil, tumeric, moringa powder, etc. We highly recommend purchasing kratom online from a reputable vendor. The product is often of much higher quality when compared to smoke shop kratom and it is often better priced.

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